Brickwork, Timber, Concrete… Wedding Venue?


Quirky Wedding Venues Blog

Written by Emma Wilson


When picking your perfect wedding venue there are so many different styles to choose from. From

unique and luxurious to cool and trendy, every couple’s style is different.


I am currently venue finding for a client here in London and when we were discussing his wedding requirements I could instantly tell that he wanted something different. He starting mentioning words such as industrial, warehouse, concrete, raw iron and exposed brickwork… he instantly had my attention. Industrial venues are becoming more and more popular each year with this set to rise.


As I am from Australia, we have so many rustic and industrial venues that are amazing but these tend to be out in the country away from the city. Here in London, in particular Shoreditch, there are some of the most unique and amazing industrial venues which are only a stone’s throw from some of London’s most iconic hotels.


From the remarkable exposed brickwork, to the historic woodwork, these venues are a blank canvas. They can be styled and dolled up or dressed down and made quirky. This style of venue isn’t found in your generic Vogue bridal magazine so a lot of brides and grooms simply do not even think of it.


To see more, head over to our Pinterest page and see some of my favourite London industrial wedding venues and be sure to contact me to discuss your venue options further.