Halloween Weddings


As the nights start to get darker and colder, the idea of a light, sunny wedding can be deemed as a distant memory of the months gone by. So why not consider something bright and a little “out there”. Take the Mexican celebration “Dia De Los Muertos” as a theme. Skulls made of sugar paste, covered in flowers are a pretty and an unusual addition to the tables. When this is added to the tradition of Papel Picado, cut paper patterns, a lively and colourful ambience to the occasion is achieved.

It is an unusual quirky theme for a wedding and may not appeal to everyone. Skulls on this event are a key focus for the theme but they work beautifully with deep red roses creating great impact.

The festival can be related to Halloween as it is a celebration of the lives of departed relatives that brings families together in the same way a wedding will. The idea of sugar skulls could be adapted to cookies. These would make perfect favours when decorated for your guests and can easily be made at home or purchased online and personalised for your guests.

Another aspect of this unusual theme would be to hire a facepainter for the evening to paint your guests faces. When photographed afterwards the pictures would provided excellent keepsakes.

A totally different idea for Autumn weddings would be to consider Pumpkins as a main theme. The orange colour helps to remove the cold and dark of outside while teamed with red and burgundy inside creates a great sense of warmth to any venue.

Pumpkin and squash can also be used as an key ingredients in the breakfast menu. It is a cost effective ingredient and gives it a sense of seasonality. It helps to provide the perfect meal for all guests including vegetarians. For example a first course of a delicious roasted garlic and squash soup followed by a pumpkin risotto is filling, warming and hearty and to finish the meal a spider-web chocolate cake is delicious.

Small pumpkins can be used as jack o’lanterns. When placed on the tables and filled with candles they are a fun and cost effective way to decorate the space and create a romantic atmosphere.