It’s the little things!


Written by Emma Kate Wilson


There are so many cool and wonderful wedding ideas to make your wedding truly unique. Websites such as Pinterest have taken some of the stress out of planning your big day with the awesome idea’s that they showcase. By typing in a simple sentence such as ‘cool wedding ideas’, you will instantly be bombarded with some amazing ideas.

I have searched Pinterest high and low to find some of the most unique wedding ideas and thought that I would share them with you.

Save the date invitations are a must have to assure that your guests know the exact details and can make sure they are there with you on your special day. For something a little bit different, why not send a post card?


How about this cute idea of printing your programs onto paper bags and filling them with rose petals or confetti. It is simple, affordable and you will get amazing photos. Just make sure that you have approval from your venue first.


I do not even know where to start on wedding favours, there is an endless supply of cute and quirky idea’s; just make sure that they fit into your wedding budget. If you are having an outdoor wedding supply your guests with custom sunglasses, these will be a hit and look great in photos. I am also loving this idea of ‘dancing shoes’, this insures that everyone must be out on the dance floor and not complaining about how sore their feet are. Although my favourite would have to be the ‘hangover kit’, it is useful, practical and super cut!

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Cheese Cake? Instead of having your normal, run of the mill cake why not do something different and have cheese. Not only does it look rustic and amazing but who doesn’t love cheese?


Last but not least how adorable is this ‘pimp your cupcake’ station. Everyone loves a good cupcake but it is even better when you get to add some extra sprinkles.


If you need some more inspiration check out our Pinterest account for more ideas.