Looking for a Wedding Venue?


venue-slider-homepageQuestions to ask when visiting potential wedding venues

So you have selected a short list of wedding venues to visit, but what do you ask when you are there?! Here’s a guide to give you an idea of what to look for when viewing a venue and what to ask your wedding co-ordinator.

Restrictions and Limitations

Most unique venues have restrictions, such as not permitting naked flames, certain decorations and sometimes red wine. If the venue is a unique or heritage building then these restrictions are in place to protect the building, and must be respected. If you are planning to have a strong theme, picture how it would fit in with the decor of the venue – often fixtures and fittings cannot be removed. When you visit, ask your wedding planner about any restrictions so you are not unprepared when you come to sign the contract!


Check the number of bathrooms and their decor. You don’t want your guests queuing for ages to use the bathroom!

Environmental Disasters and Delays

You cannot control nature and it’s worth finding out how your venue and caterer will react to a worst case scenario. For example, if your venue is close to a river, it could be at risk of being flooded, check to see what this risk is and what the implications could be for your wedding. If you are planning a winter wedding, take into consideration the weather and have a backup plan in case it snows. It’s always worth taking out wedding insurance to give you peace of mind. Another thing to bear in mind is if there are any large local events (like marathons or music festivals) occurring on the day of your wedding near your venue – this could lead to delays!

What’s Included?

Find out what is included within the room hire price – sometimes easels, candlesticks, place cards and other decorations are included, which can really help with your budgeting. Some venues allow corkage (charging you for bringing in your own alcohol) but others have a strict policy against this.

A Second Viewing

Once you have selected your shortlist, go back for a second viewing when the venue is set up for a wedding. Function rooms can look very different when they are set up and seeing the lay out for a wedding may give you extra inspiration. Arranging a second viewing will give you the chance to ask any questions you have thought of since the last time you visited and discuss your wedding day in more depth.

And Lastly….
If you are really keen on a venue after seeing it, provisionally hold your preferred date straight away! This will give you some time to discuss with your partner whether you want to go ahead and to weigh up your options. Most venues set a time limit for provisional bookings, often around two weeks, if you decide for or against that venue make sure you tell them in time.

Good luck with choosing your perfect wedding venue!