For the overwhelmed Bride!


Romantic wedding table arrangement

Written by Helen-Louise Farnsworth


Planning your wedding?

We have all been guilty of picking up the wedding magazine and fantasising over the elaborate weddings you see on the glossy pages. Are you wondering how it all comes together?

When I first started my career I would make list after list. The thing I soon realised was that every one of my clients had a different specification. Your personalised wedding list will depend on two factors; your personality and your individual aspiration.

No two weddings are the same. We work alongside you to turn your fantasy into a lasting memory of your wedding day.

My first suggestion would be to sit together to create your very own wedding list. By initially creating the list you can decide where you’d prefer to allocate your budget and your time.

Set realistic targets and dates. Try not to concur planning your whole wedding day over one weekend.   

I have listed below the key points to help start you on your journey to planning your wedding…


1) Choose your wedding venue


  • Write a guest
  • Do you wish to hold your ceremony on the site of your chosen venue or do you seek an alternative venue? This could be a temple, church, chapel, registry office or a licensed venue.
  • Do you dream of an intimate ceremony? Would you prefer to be surrounded by your family and friends whilst they watch you take your vows?
  • Choose your setting
  • Choose your location – the landmark.
  • Think of the décor. Are you creative? Do you prefer a blank canvas on which you can reflect your characters and theme?
  • Would you prefer an iconic venue? Maybe a country property or palace.
  • Book viewing with the venues
  • Can you visualise walking hand in hand through the venue whilst your chosen photographer captures your wedding moments?
  • Can you visualise your family and friends in the venue? And lastly, did the coordinator take an interest in you and your wedding?


2) Catering


I would always recommend trying to match the catering style with the style of the venue. Think about your theme and time of year.

For example, for a drinks reception why not create a cocktail which represents a place you’ve visited? Do you have a favourite drink you’ve created with friends?


Contact The Perfect Wedding Company directly so that we can set you up you with the perfect caterer who will show a keen interest in you and create a menu that is infused with your personalities and individual characters.



3) Theming of your wedding day


When it comes to theming your wedding, you can allow your personality to shine through. Remember, this is your wedding day and the theme will be the setting to every photograph. It will help create your ambience.  


I would advise speaking with your chosen venue to confirm any restrictions before looking into decorations. Most venues will not allow a naked flame but there is always a way to get around this. Here are a few examples:


Battery operated candles

Mosaic plates  


I am personally obsessed with Pinterest which is a great way to stimulate your imagination.




4) Photographer


Your photographer plays an important role in your wedding day.

Do not rush into making a decision, take your time and view their work.

Do your personalities match their style? Every photographer will have a specific style.

Make an appointment to meet them face to face to ensure you’re comfortable in their presence and in front of their lenses. Ensure they can take control without being demanding.


I would suggest your chosen photographer/s visit your venue to walk through your wedding day with you.


Most photographers will offer a pre-shoot so take full advantage. This will help build a rapport with them and make you feel at ease with their presence.

5) Flowers


Your flowers are very preferential.


View a variety of arrangements and bear in mind your theme. Flowers are very seasonal. Before setting your heart on a specific type, liaise with your local florist and ensure that they have your desired choice in stock.


Your florist should provide suggestions and show you a variety of arrangements which will complement your choice of flower. Your florist will take into consideration the time of year, weather and your wedding venue.

         Please see the link to our Pinterest page to view a variety of floral bouquets that will inspire      you and your wedding.


6) Choosing your wedding attire


There are many things to consider when thinking about your wedding attire.

Appearance, comfort {over the duration of the day}, movement and fabric.


Consider all of the above but ultimately follow your heart. Most prestigious tailors, stores and boutiques will advise you to try on a variety of suits/dresses. Choose something you would not necessarily have gone for. Most often it is the one you’ll love the most.


Take someone that will make the experience most enjoyable.  



7) Love all things sweet


There are numerous ways to please a person with a sweet tooth.

Whether that is with a traditional wedding cake or bringing you back to your childhood by providing paper bags and a variety of ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ sweets,

there is a station for everyone.


I have listed a few suggestions below.

  • Wedding cake
  • Dessert station
  • Ice cream tricycle
  • A traditional sweetie cart
  • Doughnut stand



Contact The Perfect Wedding Company to start planning your wedding day.