Piece of Cake!


Piece of Cake!


It’s that time of year when over indulging really is acceptable; chocolate, cakes and lots of yummy treats are everywhere we turn and it’s sometimes difficult to turn them away!

It doesn’t have to be just Christmas that we over indulge, have you thought about offering such yummy treats to guests on your wedding day?

It has long been tradition to have a wedding cake as this was seen to bring good luck to the bride and groom. In the past a standard traditional wedding cake has been a three tiered fruit cake on show at the wedding reception and is normally cut after the wedding breakfast.

Today however the choice and variety of wedding cakes on offer is endless from different flavours to multiple tiers and even an array of cupcakes and lollipops instead of tiered cakes.

The Perfect Wedding Company is delighted to work with GC Couture, a luxury wedding cake company who are all about the style, glamour and romance. In 2014 we look forward to hearing more from them about different cake trends, what’s popular and what’s not.

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of joining GC Couture at the Savoy in London for a cake decorating experience.  The beauty of GC Couture is that they work with the best ingredients and have such a creative and imaginative flair that nothing is impossible when it comes to designing a cake and what’s more they make it look so easy!

Taking a cake and decorating it, seemed to me at first, a frightening experience as I didn’t want to ruin what was already a yummy baked cake. However decorating turned out to be fun and once started, lots of ideas sprung to mind with all the moulds and sprinkles you can use to decorate cakes with.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and I was very grateful to pick up some top tips from the GC Couture experts. So watch this blog for more cake and sweet toothed ideas as we enter into the New Year as it might just give you some sweet ideas for your wedding!


— Louise Warren (Head Wedding Planner)