Stationery trends to get your wedding invitations moving


Our partners at Intricate Creations have an international outlook and are constantly working with new materials to keep one step ahead of the curve.

They are dealing with clients of varying ages, religions and all walks of life, with completely different tastes. From this diversity, they are seeing common trends emerging which we at TPWC feel will drive a lot of the wedding stationery trends of 2013-2014.

The first is glamour in the form of crystals… and a lot of them! Clients are noticing that when different size crystals are placed together it can dramatically transform a very simple design to a glamorous work of art. Some clients even going as far as having over 130 individually placed crystals per invitation! We here at Intricate Creations truly believe that 2013-2014 will be the year of glamour and Hollywood glitz.

The other trend, and a very clear emergence from this year, we feel will be the need for everything to be customised. Clients are now requesting all their stationery to be tailored with anything that was previously hand-written. Addresses on envelopes, guest names on inserts and even place cards are all being printed using the same typeface and print colours… consistency is on demand and on trend. In addition, we feel the level of customisation will further increase with clients requesting logos and emblems to be designed that will consistently appear throughout their stationery, wedding and even after their wedding day in their homes.

Our top tips to couples tying the knot are:

Tip 1. Having 100 guests, does not mean you need 100 invitations. Remember you will be inviting couples and families so this number will drop dramatically. Sit down and work out your guest list, group people together and go from there.

Tip 2. Intricate Creations love telling a story with stationery. From the first impression of the “save the date” or invitations cards, all the way through to the day with the menu, tables plans and place cards. But it’s the little touches in-between such as our co-ordinating cupcake wrappers, napkin rings and favour boxes that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. Go on, start planning and get ready to tell your story.

Tip 3. Be bold with your colours. Creams and whites are still in, but big, bold, bright colours are the future. Teals, fuchsia pinks, Cadbury purple, royal blue. Make a statement and get that “WOW” factor.

Tip 4. Make sure when ordering your wedding stationery you cater for any last minute changes to the guest list, or any spelling mistakes. Many brides will make a desperate last minute call and ask for more invitations because “so and so” had made a spelling mistake when writing the invitations or one guest couldn’t make it so they wanted to invites more guests. We recommended always ordering 10% more than you think you will need; in the long run it will work out cheaper for you!

Tip 5. Leave plenty of time to book your stationery. Couples often leave this to the last minute, but we think once you know your venue, dates and number of guests, then stationery should be next on your list. Stationers get booked up well in advance, and you don’t want to be in the situation where you find your perfect stationery, but the designer is fully book and cannot accept your order. Our advice is… sooner rather than later.