Top Tips for Summer Weddings



Top Tips for Summer Weddings

With summer fast approaching and many couples putting the finishing touches to their wedding plans, it’s a great time to consider if you’re making the most of this wonderful season throughout your day!

Here are my tips for your summer nuptials.

    •   Always use seasonal produce as the focus for your wedding breakfast. Summer produces so many wonderful ingredients that can be used to really wow your guests during dinner time and keeping to a seasonal theme also means that the food reflects the feel of the time of year. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a huge roast on a balmy summer evening and then being expected to hit the dance floor straight away!
    • Incorporate memories of what summer means to you and your partner. Are you festival goers or more interested in spending long days on the beach? Perhaps you both love fishing or are always known for hosting BBQ’s? If you are known for your love of the season you are getting married in, then always integrate that into your day. It makes your wedding unique to you and your guests will love associating different elements of your reception with your hobbies and interests!
    • Make the most of any outdoor space your reception venue has. We all know it’s hard to rely on the weather in the UK but if you have chosen a venue with an outdoor space, then plan to use it, whatever the weather! Chances are, even if it’s not that perfect summer day that it will still be warm and if you create a fabulous atmosphere with some entertainment, food and drinks then people are happy wherever.
    • Indulge your guests with interesting and unique summer beverages. Cocktail hour is becoming more and more adventurous in the UK and what better time of the year is there to completely go to town on the drinks you offer your guests? Perhaps offer chilled sparkling Shiraz as an alternative to red wine or choose your favourite cocktail and create a ‘His and Hers’ menu for guests to pick from – you can even rename them to reflect each of you! Even large decanters of sloe gin can look beautifully summery and provide a pop of colour to your bar.
    • Whatever venue you have chosen for your summer wedding, there are loads of fun ways to bring in the feel and flavour of summertime and really give your guests some fabulous lasting memories of your special day.