Wedding Planners – no longer just for the super rich and famous


Wedding Planners – no longer just for the super rich and famous


It has long been perceived that Wedding Planners are associated with ‘high society’ weddings, in other words for the super rich and the famous. For most couples today the cost of getting married can seem like a really scary thought.  Wherever possible costs are kept down, therefore the cost of hiring a wedding planner, when you could organise the day yourself might seem like a waste of money.

However, have you ever thought that hiring a wedding planner could save you money? Wedding planners are there to help and with their wealth of knowledge and supplier contacts they could in fact save you money.

The role of the wedding planner is to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible, keeping things together and overall act as a face of professionalism and calmness when it comes to dealing with suppliers and guests on the day.  The wedding planner takes control so that the happy couple don’t have to worry about a thing.

Another preconceived notion about wedding planners is that they might be seen to take over; the couple would lose all control and their day would end up not reflecting them at all. To reassure all of you couples out there, this is not what wedding planning is about. Their role is to put the wishes of the couple into practice. A good wedding planner will spend the time; perhaps weeks even months getting to know the couple, building a rapport and becoming their confidant. The couple will sign things off at every step of the way so they are fully involved and, when it comes to the day itself, it would be far more unsettling to leave the set-up to a team that barely knows you rather than somebody who really does know you and really cares for the details.

So with all that said, wedding planners are indeed available to everyone. They are available to meet for advice, give details on the best suppliers to use for what you need and negotiate the best price. Wedding planners are there for all your wedding day concerns and can be met in an environment which is comfortable for everyone whether it be at home, or over a coffee, or drink. The wedding planner offers genuine advice and tips and in my opinion is money …well saved!