Yes. No. Maybe So?




In the last 10 years the art of proposing for your UK wedding has drastically changed. It has gone from buying a nice simple ring and proposing over a romantic dinner to an extravagant Tiffany & Co ring whilst getting proposed to on a private island with your own helicopter.


It is not that easy for you men to pop the question these days thanks to social media. On Facebook and Twitter I see hundreds of proposal videos daily and who can forget the engagement announcements.


So many of my friends spent hours figuring out how to announce their engagement, what to say and should I include a picture – YES include a picture, all of us out here want to know what ‘the ring’ looks like.


Yesterday I watched yet another one of these videos that a friend had shared on her Facebook expressing how emotional it was. So there I sat watching yet another proposal thinking to myself ‘I’m not going to cry’ – well ends up I was wrong, yes there were a fair few tears.


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