The Engagement Ring


Written by Jessica Barrie, 11.02.16


Exciting times for all those loved up couples as Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Gentlemen, we hope you have a romantic night planned. Today’s blog is for those going engagement ring shopping or thinking about proposing but are not sure whether they should buy the ring or let their partner choose.

We are now living in the modern world so it is not uncommon for couples to go ring shopping together. After all, a woman knows best when it comes to diamonds! I have known plenty of gentlemen who would prefer to let their partners choose the ring they desire, plus, us ladies love it!

However if you’d like to surprise her with a proposal and do want a beautiful gem to catch her eye, here is everything you need to know about what shape and cut would be perfect for your lady.

Diamonds come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Each one has a significant meaning and we hope we can help find the perfect ring for you!


Let’s start with the traditional round cut diamond, also known as the solitaire. Over 75% of rings are sold as a round cut because it is generally a superior shape and the cut maximises the diamond’s full glimmer. The classic round cut represents love without end and women who are usually drawn to this particular shape are traditional romantics, honest and faithful people.



First created in the 1980s, the princess cut is just as popular as the round cut diamond, however a princess can work with almost any style of ring design. This shape attracts attention through its extravagant glitter and the woman who chooses this shape thrives in the spotlight and brings excitement and adventure to nearly everything she does.



The oval cut is a modified, brilliant cut and the shape possesses an incredible fire and brilliance in its shimmer. The oval cut is the perfect diamond for those on a budget as it has the added advantage of an elongated shape, giving the illusion of a greater size. Originally the oval represents fertility or a desire for children and the women who prefer this shape are traditional but like to cut loose every now and again.



This stunning diamond is long and narrow, creating the illusion of a greater size as it has one of the largest surface areas of any diamond shape. This makes it the perfect choice when trying to maximise the ring’s perceived size. The marquise cut is for ladies who have a desire for opulence and glitter and focus on wealth and extravagance.



The pear cut diamond starts with the classic round shape then begins to elongate. This narrow point should always be worn with the end pointing towards the hand of the wearer. Choosing a pear cut also has the added benefit of making the wearer’s finger appear longer and slimmer. A woman who chooses a pear shaped diamond is a strong individual, she is the trend setter in her group and has high standards for herself and the people around her. But don’t be fooled, with the traditional cut in there as well, at times she can be a soft romantic.




This diamond was once referred to as the old mine cut because it combines a square with rounded corners like a pillow. This style has been around for 200 years and for the first century of its existence was the most popular shape. The cushion cut presents a distinctive look that is prized among diamond dealers today. The women who choose to wear this elegant diamond are old souls, they have an appreciation for the finer things in life and they sparkle almost as much as the gem they are wearing.



The emerald cut diamond takes a fascinating shape as it produces a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect using the interaction of light and dark planes. Emerald diamonds are classed as an old fashioned gem, yet they exude elegance and grace. The symbolism of this particular shape was an open heart. The woman that wears an emerald cut diamond is said to be confident of who she is, wearing the diamond rather than allowing the diamond to wear her.



This diamond shape speaks for itself. It is a testament of true love and commitment. This particular shape is unique and is only for a really special lady. This shape symbolises fantasy and sentiment and most women who prefer this shape view the world with rose tinted glasses. They are gentle, kind and looking for their fairy tale ending.
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