Why have wedding flowers?


Written by Jessica Barrie, 11.03.16


We have many brides ask us if they really need wedding flowers. What are they even used for? Today I will be providing you with a brief insight into the symbolism of floral decorations and letting you know how you can create something unique and special for your big day.

Flowers were first used at weddings in Ancient Greece when the bridal party would create a garland crown for the bride to wear. They would then make a boutonnière and bridal bouquet that was considered a gift of nature.

The garland crown was much more significant in ancient times, not just for Greece but for other countries as well. It was deemed a symbol of love and happiness, however most garlands and other floral decorations were originally made of herbs and wreaths which were intertwined with garlic and said to ward off any evil spirits.

In some countries people used dill as it was considered the herb of lust. When carried down the aisle it would signify the bride only ever lusting after her husband. Sage mixed with dill was said to bring the couple wisdom.

The use of a rose only became significant in later years. It originally started with the bridal bouquet (also known as ‘the kissing knot’) which combined rosemary and roses. The ‘kissing knot’ was suspended over the couple’s heads at the reception and was said to bring them love and luck.

So why do we need floral decorations on the tables? In ancient times, guests were often given a herb or flower to wear or put on the table as a thank you from the happy couple. This would signify them wishing you a long and happy life.

As time went on, the meanings and symbolism remained the same, however people grew bolder and created lavish centrepieces that would wash over the entire table so that every guest would be adorned with love and life.

People have now started using a whole variety of flowers for their centrepieces. Each flower has a significant meaning, so when you begin picking your decorations, use flowers somewhere in your day. After all, the Ancient Greeks lived long and healthy lives, so why not keep their ancient tradition alive and bring yourself and your guests love, prosperity, wealth and happiness by using some incredible flower arrangements?