All things sweet – wedding cake!


Written by Helen-Louise Farnsworth, 23.11.15


Whether or not you love all things sweet, you’ll find yourself searching for that one particular wedding cake. It might be to please a family member such as grandma or mum or just to satisfy your own sweet tooth.

Why not incorporate your wedding cake as a centre arrangement? We’ve all seen the naked cakes which are now a sought after design and they’ve been leaving wedding planners speechless. I was no exception.

Love all things beautiful? From fine art and antique lace to edible gold leaf icing? Are these ingredients what you thought you’d see together?

After speaking to some renowned cake suppliers at recent wedding fayres there seems to be a style of wedding cake which tops the lists; vintage lace and antique effective metallic tiers.

A classic lace imprint embroidered onto a tiered wedding cake accompanied by fine gold leaf metallic lace is one of the many ways to showcase elegance.

To incorporate elegance into your themed wedding, you may wish to implement the same lace that falls from your wedding gown onto the edge of your cake. This is a decorative design for your own unique style. You can choose from lace embossed iced tiers and classic gold leaf icing, the options are limitless!

Head over to our Pinterest page to get inspired. We have selected our favourite images to demonstrate how an embossed lace wedding cake can be transformed with gold edible paint and provide you with an elegant vintage design that will stand out like no other.