An Autumn Wedding


Written by Lucinda Plunkett, 12.08.16


An autumn wedding!

Having an autumn wedding, can often be overlooked as the desire for sunny or snowy weather takes precedent. However, I’ve heard it said, that at least with an autumn wedding, there is no expectation of sun or snow and so preparing for the dream weather doesn’t have to be a worry.

For a lot of people, autumn is their favourite time of year. The changing of the seasons brings with it cosy evenings where you can enjoy a crackling log fire and faux fur!

The colour palette for an autumn wedding can be so rich, especially if you love the falling of the leaves, this is such a charming aspect of autumn and an easy inclusion to your wedding decorations.

If you are a fan of lighting, and want lots of string lights and candles, this is the perfect time of year to make the most of the darker evenings which will complement the contrast of all the lights.

Autumn can make way for all types of weddings, with ‘rustic’ being one of the best themes that work for this time of year.

So to help with your autumn wedding planning, we’ve put together a pinterest board for inspiration.