Become a Princess with a skirt…


As little girls, there was always one dress that we cherished the most: one that we would dance around the living room with, parade in the mirror with and fall asleep in. However as we grow up and become adults, the opportunity to get the same fuzzy feelings about a dress is really hard to imagine. Until the ring is on the finger, the memory becomes a modern day reality.

Passing the big shop windows filled with even bigger dresses, it’s hard to imagine yourself in a wedding dress. Let alone spending one of the most important days of your life in something that will witness and experience all the emotions of your special day!

Married couple dancing in the middle of a field, showing joy, love and happiness.

After getting over the shock of knowing that you will have to walk down an aisle in front of the closest people you know with all eyes on you, it’s then on to the task of finding something that suits your figure. It has to be something you might actually enjoy wearing and that will make a statement. By statement I don’t mean something shocking! However you only get one chance to wear a dress like it, so why not have some fun?

Blogs, magazines, articles and Pinterest are great at telling you that everyone’s ‘body type’ will suit a certain style of dress, but deep down we all hope that the dress we really want will suit us – regardless of the food we might of ate last night! So, do not let the size 8 shop assistant pull faces at your dress choices or make you feel bad if you have a small back roll when trying on the dress – everyone loves a curve 😉

The wedding dress market is filled with many alternative options to suit every type of bride. Every day I open up my social media accounts with dozens of new designs and exciting inspirations for brides to get excited about. Something that will be huge for 2017/2018 is the option of a two-piece bridal gown. The ‘SKIRT’ is going to be huge and something brides will embrace and get creative with, in their own way.

Whether it’s typically a princess style skirt, big and dramatic, or a simple short tulle skirt, the trend will continue through the seasons. A round of applause to the brides that dare to have a pop of colour in their chosen dress: the images speak for themselves.