British Marriage & Wedding Stats [Infographic]


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British marriage and wedding stats

Once they decide to get married, three-quarters of brides and grooms tie the knot for the first time.

For UK’s residents aged 65 and over, women are more likely to marry.

29th March 2014 is the date of the first same-sex marriage officialised in the UK. One of the first to wed where were Peter McGraith and David Cabreza, who were able tie the knot after 17 years together. They wed minutes after the new legislation came into full force.

In the 2010s, civil ceremonies account for 72% of all marriages officialised in Britain, with at least one of the couple being a British citizen.

In fact, civil marriage ceremonies have been on a continuous raise since 1992, exceeding the number of religious ceremonies taking place in England and Wales. With this rising tendency, in late 2010s, civil ceremonies are expected to make up over three-quarters of weddings each year.

While in a constant state of flux, it is deemed the overall number of first-time weddings in on a rise, with the divorce rate for British marriages on a steady decline.

Recent statistics seem to confirm the theory that men form relationships with women younger than themselves. For ages below 30, more women than men get married – average statistics from 1997 seem to be in line with this statement.

Book early if you want a St Valentine’s Day ceremony

Throughout the whole year, the most sought after wedding day is – no surprise there – February 14th, with an average of 1,430 weddings each year. Once a Valentine’s Day is a Saturday, the average number of weddings goes up to little over 3,500 Valentine’s Day ceremonies per year, while normally 3,037 couples tie the knot on a usual Saturday, yearly.

No craze for Christmas time weddings

Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve weddings are more popular than ceremonies taking place on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Yearly average number of Christmas Day ceremonies is… 5.

2000s wedding blockbusters

From all 249,133 weddings that took place in Britain in 2011, only the royal wedding was viewed by millions of people across the globe.

Pick your lucky date

The average of Friday weddings is 850, but 11/11/2011 noted a staggering 1,529 weddings as the date was considered lucky.

As you may guess, Friday weddings that fall on the 13th of the month are not so popular. On average, only 448 brave couples decide to get hitched on a Friday 13th each year.