How To Choose Your Wedding Colour Scheme?


Written by Lucinda Plunkett, 14.07.16


Choosing your wedding colour scheme can usually go one of two ways. It either excites you (and this is really one of the reasons you want to get married) or fills you with dread, with no clue where to start and frankly, not much interest either.

So with that in mind, what do you need to take into consideration?

Something to bear in mind before deciding on your scheme is that the general rule is to end up with one or two main colours and then add in two or three more complementary colours.

Grey cake


Let’s think about the time of year you are getting married. Now this doesn’t mean that if you are getting married in winter for example that your colours must be red and gold, but it does help to think about seasonal moods.

These generally suit the following…

Spring – Pastels and greens

Summer – Bright and mixed

Autumn – Earthy and tonal

Winter – Classic and neutral

The all year round staple colour scheme which never fails to look stunning is white, black and green.

White and green flowers


Location plays a big part in what colours will work. If you are getting married in a blank canvas space, then the world is your oyster, so go crazy with whichever colour scheme suits you. However if you have chosen an older, more ornate venue like Stationers’ Hall, it would work well to pick tones that accentuate or complement the room’s existing features and colours.


Wedding trends and styles

Are you aware of the current trends which keep catching your eye? While there are the tried and tested colour schemes that we all know work so well, it may be fun to do something on trend like the greys and pale blues that everyone is loving right now. It’s also worth thinking about the style of wedding you are going to have. Festival style weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and with this we are seeing the revival of bright, multi-coloured schemes where no one colour takes precedent.

Multi colour room

Personal taste to suit you as a couple

It’s always a good idea to sit down as a couple and go through some magazines or blogs to see what images you are drawn to and can then take inspiration from them. Pinterest is also your wedding design best friend, so make sure you use and abuse it!

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