City vs countryside weddings


Written by Hannah Gill, 10.03.16


Now that our Midlands wedding planning office is fully operational, we are finding the city vs countryside wedding debate a hot topic amongst not only our brides and grooms, but also the team here. Do you choose a beautiful rolling countryside wedding venue or a chic city one?

I was so intrigued about this question that I put it to the girls in the office. This is what they had to say…

Jessica is planning her own big day at the moment, so was torn between the two.

“This is actually a little difficult for me to answer,” she said.

“I think I would go for a city venue because all our friends and family live either there or abroad, making it more convenient and accessible for them. City venues are amazing and we are a modern couple so they suit us better.

“A country wedding however would be preferred if I wanted to go for a forest or manor house style and we had family coming from all over the UK.

“Personally I think we’ll stick with the city as we are a very cosmopolitan couple!”

Helen-Louise also prefers city venues for the following reasons:

The venue

London venues can cater for any style or theme of wedding. You can play around with them in order to recreate your own unique vision and requirements and infuse a couple’s personalities into their big day.

Private homes, museums, banqueting halls, studios, well-known private restaurants and some of London’s famous tourist attractions (Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Cutty Sark, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Queen’s House) can all be hired out for your wedding, and what’s better is that no two are the same!


Being located centrally, there are many hotels around which are easily accessible, as well as various routes to access the venue. Transport would not be an issue as tubes, taxis, buses and airports surround London.


Photographs taken in a London venue offer character, charm and individuality as well as an unusual backdrop.


This sounds all well and good but I’m a country girl at heart (my terrible sense of direction on the tube is a testament to this), so I would have to pick a countryside wedding venue. A truly unique venue such as a big, beautiful house or converted barn would be perfect for me. However I think the most important part of the day is the surrounding area where the pictures would be taken. In my experience, April to September (despite some showers) has always offered the perfect opportunity to take outdoor pictures. It’s a well-known fact that pictures will turn out better on an overcast day as opposed to a sunny day.

Although the setting is important, what’s more important is the reason you are getting married in the first place, who to, and of course, finding a good wedding planner.

In conclusion, we are a mixed bunch. Whichever venue you would prefer, you can be assured of one thing – we are experts in both city and countryside wedding venues and work with some of the best around, so if you are still looking for somewhere to hold your big day and need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to help!