Does having a wedding ‘first look’ bend tradition?


So, you’ve booked the venue, you have a date, and you’re beginning to compose ideas as to how the day will plan out – what happens when, who goes where – but this is the most exciting time of wedding planning. This is where you can both really bring your personality through into the big day!

Do you dare to break the superstition of having a first look?

The hot, new, somewhat controversial trend for 2017, is a first look! Now some people cannot wait for the moment of stealing that first glance of each other from the end of the aisle, but think about it… before all the nerves of guests’ eyes leering at you both, before the wedding madness and all the cheek kissing, you can share five minutes in private with your life partner-to-be away from the eager audience, to have the a first look at each other – just the two of you!

But what exactly is a wedding first look?

We are often asked this question by brides-to-be, because they are not quite sure exactly what this idea involves. A wedding first look is usually a staged photography session that takes place once the couple are ready for the ceremony; the groom’s pocket squares and cufflinks are on, the bride’s dress and shoes are perfectly fitted, and guests are soon to arrive.

The old-time tradition dictates that the couple should not see each other before the ceremony; the groom seeing his beautiful bride in her stunning gown only when she walks down the aisle. Nowadays however, we’ve seen the trend of couples arranging a face-to-face meeting of just the two of them, without any family and wedding guests present. As precious as that first moment of seeing each other is, it can become a fading memory with so much of the day to remember, hence many couples deciding to extend the overwhelming moment into a longer intimate photo shoot that captures the second they see each other for the first and only time, just before the ceremony.

The first look photo staging usually has the photographer capturing photos from the very first moment the bride starts to slowly approach her future husband (who has his back to her). Then as she taps him on the shoulder to ask him to turn around and look at her, the photographer captures the romantic and very emotional moment the couple have their first look. We have seen some heart-warming shots of this private, magical moment and each photo makes us love this idea more and more.

In the summertime, first look photos can be taken in bright, green and colourful outdoor areas surrounding the ceremony venue, or be staged inside the venue when the weather is less appealing; most wedding venues will have a room available for this purpose. Shoots like this could also be arranged at a seaside pier, local park or landmark.

Consider the benefits of having a first look photo before the wedding

Although, yes admittedly this does bend the old English traditions, often this is keep as a secret moment between the couple and the photographer. Who else needs to know – apart from of course your wedding planner?!

After all, many couples say that after the ceremony, they spent the rest of the wedding greeting friends and family and actually spending most of the day away from their new spouse. So why not take a little time before the big day really begins, to start it together?


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