Do’s and don’ts of a Valentine’s Day proposal


A Valentine’s Day proposal is like Marmite; it’s either a yes or a no. It is widely considered the most romantic day of the year so it could be the perfect timing to pop the question – but, on the contrary, proposing on Valentine’s Day could also be considered really cheesy. So how do you know if it’s the right timing for the big event?

Rule #1 – Plan an element of surprise

Think of a way that you can surprise your partner, as a lot of people may be anticipating a Valentine’s proposal. Propose at an unexpected time – throwing them off should all be part of the plan!

Rule #2 – Not everyone is into public displays of affection

Think about what your partner would like when planning your ideas. For example, would they enjoy a public or a private proposal? This is important to consider before you start planning things.

Rule #3 -Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Don’t over-plan. It’s easy to get carried away and go overboard with adding in too much detail to make sure it’s really special.

Rule #4 – Expect the unexpected

Consider how your spouse would want to look back on the day they get proposed to. Make sure your other half is prepared for the surprise.

Rule #5 – Silly incidents add to the experience

Don’t have expectations for how it’s going to be received and if anything goes wrong, just laugh, it’ll add to the story.