Eat, Drink and Be Married


Written by Emma Kate Wilson, 30.10.15


As important as the dress, venue, theming and flowers, a lot of brides and grooms forget that the catering is a major necessity for their wedding. If you have a horrible meal at a wedding you will forever remember the day for having that overcooked lamb or that half-frozen dessert. You want your guests leaving your wedding saying that was the best salmon they’ve ever eaten or how amazing that dessert station was.

Well look no further as here at The Perfect Wedding Company we work together with Seasoned and Kudos to bring your guests the best dining experience available. Our chefs are only the finest, having received our two Michelin star masterclass training, and they will tailor a menu to suit your exact style. Our brilliant mixologists will create a signature cocktail featuring exotic fruits, partnered with some amazing top shelf spirits to create a cocktail just for you.

So while you’re planning your wedding day, don’t forget that the food and drinks are a major factor and you want it to be absolutely perfect!