For the international couple – plan your wedding from abroad


By Emma Kate Wilson, 10.11.15


There are so many of you out there trying to plan your wedding from abroad. If you thought it was hard enough planning your wedding locally, try being 10,000 miles away and trying to organise the venue, catering, flowers, decor and cake. It is a huge responsibility and something that you need to get right.


I am currently working with a few international couples and it can sometimes be very difficult communicating via email 24/7. Sometimes I just want to pick the phone up and quickly ask them a question but then I remember that it’s midnight over there and I will have to email instead. Let’s just say thank gosh for technology!


A lot of you will be searching the internet high and low trying to figure out where to get started. My biggest piece of advice for all of you international couples out there is to get a wedding planner.


Here at The Perfect Wedding Company we provide you with a free wedding planner. That is where I step in and take care of all the little details so you don’t have to. I will be there every step of the way from venue finding and menu tasting through to witnessing your first dance.


One of the first things that I recommend to my international couples is to book a quick trip to their desired wedding destination. The whole purpose of this trip is to find a venue, fall in love with it, have a menu tasting, create your own personalised menu and meet your wedding planner. It is best to arrange a time to meet with your wedding planner to discuss all things wedding related. At this appointment it would also be a great opportunity to discuss potential wedding suppliers and organise some sample flowers and décor for you to see in real life and get a taste for each supplier’s different style.


Here at The Perfect Wedding Company we work with a variety of creative, unique and amazing suppliers who will be there to help you in any way they can. I would also suggest starting a Pinterest board to collate all of your ideas. This will make it easier for both yourself and your wedding planner to understand the vision for your day.


We are here to help in any way possible from finding your perfect wedding venue, tailoring a creative and personal menu and booking the flowers to organising a cake tasting and anything else that you need assistance with. Just don’t forget that distance doesn’t matter as we are here to help!