Getting married in winter: Why January is the best month for a winter wedding


by Lucinda Plunkett

Why could January be the best month for weddings?

January, they say, is the worst month. We’ve got a whole year to wait for Christmas again, we’ve eaten too much turkey and chocolate and drank too much prosecco and we’re poor, although thankfully, most likely, laden with lovely gifts.

Others however, might love this time of year for the ‘new year, new me’ opportunity, the promise of what’s to come and the quiet nights in watching that new box set you got for Christmas. Although, it could be argued that you shouldn’t leave it to January to make changes and resolutions but that’s a whole other story!

January for us – wedding planners – is a great month, lots of newly engaged couples and excitement and planning to be getting on with, and for you ‘soon to be newly-weds’, it should be too.

It’s both a great time of year to get married and a great time of year to get things booked in, as the beginning of the year generally provides the best offers. That means you can have the pinterest inspired floral wall after all!

Focusing on your wedding planning in January will carry on the excitement after the buzz of Christmas and New Year as well as remembering that you have lots to look forward to for your year ahead. If that doesn’t conquer the January blues, I don’t know what will?

Suppliers may be more flexible with prices, even offering discounts for booking your actual wedding for January and also confirming in January for your wedding later on in the year.

It’s that last push before the financial year comes to an end and much like the January sales, suppliers want diaries filled. Enter newly engaged couple, willing to book here and now for a cool January offer.

Some wedding venues will tier their prices according to low and peak season, so if you’re after a stunning venue on a budget, holding your wedding in January may enable you to do just that. Maybe a little unusual timing but as your guest, I’d definitely be excited to bring out the sparkles and faux fur once more for a winter glam theme. The thing I’m sad about most in January is kicking off my dancing shoes for hibernation.

Have a think about it, there could be more to January than just diets and cold mornings. Why not give yourself something to be excited about?