Gibson Hall Wedding Venue


Written by Eva Rutland, 19.08.16

A tale as old as time…

So there you are, a fully functioning modern woman. You have a fantastic job, your own flat, you always pay your council tax on time (well, nearly always!). Hell, you even have kale in the fridge at home (somewhere under the pizzas and the mini chocolate trifles. It’s also been there for approximately 17 days but still!) and you are the proud owner of a 4.5* Uber rating (it would have been 5* but then there was that incident after the “quick drink after work” where you ended up in a club on Old Street until 4am – note to self: Tequila is never a good idea on a school night!) and then – you get engaged……..!

All  of a sudden childhood dreams of princess dresses, ballrooms and fairy tales start to impinge on your daily commute until you succumb to the inevitable. That which deep down we’ve all know since the first time we watched Prince Charming slip Cinderella’s errant shoe on her foot – modern, forward thinking Millennial or not, it’s your wedding day and you want to be a princess. Not just any old princess but a full on, fairy-tale, happy-ever-after, Disney princess! Enter Gibson Hall!

How Gibson Hall became what it is today?

Built in 1862, Gibson Hall was originally commissioned by the directors of the National Provincial Bank of England when they decided to rebuild their head office in Bishopsgate. The architect John Gibson was already well known for his rich, classical style and many view Gibson Hall as the jewel in his crown.

He was awarded the prestigious Royal Gold Medal for architecture in 1890 and you need only spend a mere moment in the building that now bears his name, to see why. Gibson Hall was awarded Grade I listing status in 1950 and it’s hard to believe that such a magnificent building was once a bank (certainly puts my local RBS to shame!) unless that is, you bank at Gringotts (N.B. Goblins not included, although all the original banking vaults are, so the history buffs in your party will be happy!)

Gibson Hall - London's finest venue interior lighting

With its Corinthian marble columns and crystal chandelier you couldn’t really ask for a more dream-like wedding venue in the very heart of London

The first time I walked into the ballroom at Gibson Hall I was immediately transported back to 1991 and my all-time favourite Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast. It is so reminiscent of the ballroom from the film that I swear I hear the title song every single time I walk in! Equally difficult to resist is the urge to twirl round à la Belle whenever I’m in there!
If only I had a gold ball gown…………… (okay so in the spirit of full disclosure I have to confess that I have seriously considered investing in one – if only Disney did a size 10!!) It’s stunning, exquisite and more than a little bit magical (the hall not the dress, although I‘m sure that would be too!) and will more than fulfil your wildest princess bride fantasies.

The architecture and ornate design is evocative of the French Baroque period and because of the sheer opulence of the ballroom there is very little that needs to be done in terms of decoration and production. At this point I simply have to mention the chandeliers which are absolutely stunning – the diamond earrings to your couture wedding dress if you wll! A little mood lighting (Gibson Hall has eight uplighters included) which reflects magically off of the stunning chandeliers and some beautiful flowers are all that is needed to give you your very own Palace of Versailles.

The Garden Room together with the adjoining garden offer a quick hideout in the middle of London’s City

Adjoining the grand ballroom is The Garden Room.

In contrast to the lavishness next door, The Garden Room has a real Art Deco vibe. Avail yourself of the original Chesterfields that the venue already has in-house, some large plants with rich green foliage and voila! A real Gatsby style conservatory feel is yours for minimal effort and cost.

This is the perfect space to utilise for your drinks reception post ceremony and allows your guests the luxury of being able to spill over into the private garden area that is always a wonderful surprise – you really won’t feel like you’re in the middle of the city while you’re sipping your champagne on the lawn (or courtyard if you’re rocking those new heels for the first time!!)  Gibson Hall is licenced for wedding ceremonies in The Main Hall (Ballroom), The Garden Room and also outside under the colonnades and with all three offering such a different aesthetic, this beautiful venue really does have it all.

So, embrace your inner princess and live the fairy-tale. This is the most magical day of your life and it should be everything that you dreamed of.


And they all lived happily ever after……..!