How to dress for a summer wedding


Everyone loves the chance to dress up and weddings are the perfect way to do this, but how do you look great but stay cool at the same time? The ideas below should help:

First of all check the invitation, so you know if there is a dress code for the day; this will give you an idea of how dressed up you need to be. This will no doubt depend on the style of the wedding venue and the type of day the bride and groom are going for.

Ladies want to look elegant (without upstaging the bride!) but feel cool at the same time, therefore lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or chiffon are perfect and will help to keep you comfortable all day.

 If you want to wear a sundress, then by accessorising with a nice pair of heels or wedges, statement jewellery and a clutch bag it will instantly be elevated to an outfit which is appropriate for a wedding.

 Hats will help to keep the sun off your head during the reception, so it’s a great excuse to go big; just make sure that other guests can see past it for the wedding ceremony!

 Take a pashmina with you to wrap round your shoulders if the air conditioning in the wedding venue is too much, or for later on in the evening when the air is a little cooler.

 Guys, you can get away with ditching the tie at a summer wedding. As long as you have a crisp well-fitting shirt, loose-fitting suit and a good pair of shoes, you’ll be fine. Light grey or tan suits with linen shirts will keep you cooler than dark ones. Going for a looser fit of suit will help to keep you fresher for the day.

 If you are attending as an evening guest then you can afford to be a little more casual and opt for short sleeve shirts with a suit trouser or pair of light chinos.

 Once at the wedding, to keep your temperature down, stay in the shade where possible and don’t forget the sunglasses!