How to stay cool at a summer wedding – 5 tips for organisers


When booking a summer wedding, most couples hope for a bit of sun on the day just in time for the photos; we do live in England after all! But what if the temperature rockets into the 30s? How are you going to keep guests cool during the day and refreshed enough to keep them comfortable and ready to party well into night?

We have a few suggestions:


Shade is much sought after when the sun is beating down and unfortunately not in abundance in some venues. To help make guests comfortable during the reception, why not arrange for some personalised umbrellas or parasols with your initials and wedding date on? Guests will be clamouring to use them and they will look great in the photos. They would also be perfect if there was an unexpected shower!!


It’s important to keep your guests hydrated during the day, especially the younger and older generations. Arranging ice cold buckets of bottled water for guests to help themselves will be well received. A lovely idea is also to set up a water station and place drinks dispensers on the bar with water flavoured with fresh fruit and herbs like lemons, limes, watermelon & mint. These can be tailored to match your theme or colour scheme for the day. You could go one step further and give your guests personalised reusable water bottles (Love Island fans will go mad for them!)


Cool and seasonal ingredients in your canapés can really help to refresh your guests. Choose plenty of cold canapés to serve like harissa spiced confit chicken with compressed watermelon or Virgin Mary jelly or feta crumble & black olive popcorn in a savoury cone. You could always serve frozen lollies made with your favourite cocktail to accompany them!

Alternatively awaken the little kid in everyone and set up a build your own ice cream station for dessert.

Sun cream & sunglasses

Little baskets of sun cream and sunglasses around the venue will be well received and the guests will thank you for this little touch when they realise they have forgotten theirs!

Little touches

There are plenty of thoughtful items you can dot around the venue, like printing the order of service or details of the day onto a paper hand fan, a little paddling pool to cool tired feet, water spritz sprays on tables, a tub of assorted size flip flops or even a dedicated rack for guys to hang up their ties.