In the hot seat – Wedding Planner, Helen-Louise Farnsworth


In the hot seat – Wedding Planner, Helen-Louise Farnsworth



Name three things in your perfect wedding plan.


Phenomenal catering.



The most romantic of venues overlooking a scenic view. Elegant decoration is a huge part of a wedding so my venue would be dressed with endless flower arrangements and numerous candles.



I’ve grown up around a very talented artist, therefore music is a huge part of my life. I would ideally love my friend to sing at my wedding.



Would you prefer a nostalgic number or a slow mover for your wedding song?


I would choose a nostalgic classic song performed live. Whether that be sang by a close friend or a small band.



If your wedding had to have a theme, what would it be?

Elegant and romantic based in the heart of Italy.


Why do you think The Perfect Wedding Company are the perfect hosts for a wedding?

The Perfect Wedding Company make the best hosts as every one of us has a passion for creating our clients’ visions. I speak for all of us when I say we truly care about every wedding like we would our own. We appreciate that no client is the same and we strive to perfect every last detail, providing a professional but no less personable approach.



What is the most memorable experience you’ve had at The Perfect Wedding Company?

I recently met with a client that had taken over from my predecessor. I had revisited the client’s profile and contact was not consistent. I built up a working rapport with the bride and groom and by relating to their personalities in so many ways, we clicked instantly. I could visualise exactly what it was they were seeking from their wedding day. I provided numerous suggestions that they loved and we are now creating their dream day.

It makes you realise that in life we should follow our hearts and with this particular client, they had met numerous times before dating and both felt that they weren’t each other’s typical types. Many excuses were made about why not to date one another. Thankfully the groom-to-be took a chance and the bride-to-be said yes for the first time but not the last! Six years on and the two love birds will be saying yes again on their wedding day.



How has joining The Perfect Wedding Company affected you as a person?

I’ve always been passionate about the finer things in life. I’m not just talking about materialistic items but fine wines, decorations, even centre folds in table cloths. I would notice if a flower was out of place. Some would say I’m particular and some would say I am pedantic, but I care about what I do. I have probably become both of these and I am definitely much more particular in my ways.

I am happier in myself, I never stop smiling and being part of the ‘The Perfect Wedding Company’ family has allowed me to express my passion and work alongside others that are as passionate as me. It has also given me a voice. I moved from the Midlands and going from being settled in the countryside {living with family} to moving to the city was a dramatic change. Although the city has always felt like a home, it was nevertheless still hard leaving what I knew behind. It has made me wiser and stronger to vocally express when I feel something is not adequate. But most of all, I smile constantly. I love every aspect of wedding planning, especially partnering a client to a venue which they would only ever desire in their wildest dreams and believe was impossible to have for their big day. To work alongside two of London’s most well-known catering companies is an absolute pleasure.

Overall I think being a part of someone’s wedding day is one of the greatest honours and is always a pleasure.

To be a part of The Perfect Wedding Company is one of my biggest achievements in life.