Mother of the bride


Written by Jessica Barrie, 07.03.16


As we have just had Mother’s Day, I thought for today’s blog I would focus on the mother of the bride. We all know the bride’s father gets to enjoy a lot of special moments on the big day such as walking his daughter down the aisle and the father / daughter dance, so what are some of the ways you can make your mother feel special?

It all begins with the planning stages. Even if you are a super bride who is totally organised and has everything under control, it is still great to get your mother involved in the planning process. Here’s a few ways you can involve your mother in the wedding…

  1. Ask for her thoughts – Even if you don’t agree, your mother will love to have an input in your big day so when you go for your floral consultation or shopping for decorations, take your mum and ask: “What do you think, mum?” It’s the thought that counts and she’ll appreciate you asking her opinion.


  1. Involve her in the wedding dress experience – When you begin to look for your perfect dress, make sure your mother is with you. After all, this is an experience that you both cannot miss out on. When you have ‘the moment´ I promise you, you will get emotional and want your mum by your side to help you compose yourself.


  1. Take her dress shopping – As your mother is a VIP on the wedding day, she does deserve her own special gown! Make a day of it by going ‘mother of the bride’ shopping before stopping off for some tea. This will really make her day.


  1. Treat her on the big day – As we mentioned above, the father of the bride has a lot of duties on the wedding day and sometimes the mother can feel left out, so take the time to arrange something special. Give her an extra special favour or a big bouquet of flowers to say thank you. You can treat the mother of the groom to something too!


  1. Dance with her – Tradition states that the first dance should be with your new husband and then there should be a father / daughter dance, but why not have a mother / daughter and mother / son dance too? To make each mother feel loved on the day, have a special dance with them – your husband with his mum and you with yours.


These five tips are a perfect example of how you can make the mother of the bride (and mother of the groom!) feel extra special. For us women, any wedding is a very special and emotional time, so make sure you involve your mum in all aspects of the day. You will never regret having her by your side.


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