Perfect proposal


Written by Helen-Louise Farnsworth, 12.02.16


We are fast approaching Valentine’s Day and my thoughts go out to all those planning on proposing and looking for that perfect proposal

An engagement represents the commitment, love and passion that two people share. Have you been proposed to? Ever thought of the anxiety that someone would feel asking for your hand in marriage? To walk beside them through life’s journey?

You’ve met that one person who you cannot live without, but perhaps that person does not want a standard proposal. The pressure is on to impress them enough so that they’ll say the word you’re hoping to hear – YES.

Here are a few proposal ideas that will leave your fiancée-to-be speechless, friends envious and your future in-laws seriously impressed.


1) Favourite restaurant

As I live in London I generally stay within the heart of the City. I was looking for a hidden gem which you would not have known existed unless you were told about it by someone else. Then I stumbled across Clos Maggiore whilst Christmas shopping last year.

Renowned to be the most romantic restaurant in London, Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden offers elegance from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

With a seasonal menu and impeccable presentation, this French restaurant is no doubt the best kept secret in London.

With sumptuous wood panelling and a roaring log fire, the intimate dining room evokes a rich, warmth atmosphere. With inspiring floristry that creates an intimate idyllic feature to those moments where you sit down to sip on your preferred wines / Champagnes / chosen spirits, the ambience is set for your proposal.

Don’t take my word for it though. Try a night out there and see what you think for yourself.

2) Taking a leap

So you’re both a little adventurous…

Have you thought of skydiving together? What better way to ask someone to marry you than to take a leap of faith? You’ll step out of the clouds and glide through the sky as single people and touch down as an engaged couple.

Well, that’s if she’s not lost for words or jumped before you’ve had the chance to ask.

Should this appeal to you, I would suggest informing your flight supervisor of your plans to ensure the proposal is heard.

3) Theatre

Do you share a love of the theatre? Maybe there’s a film or movie which you can both relate to? There’s something for everyone if you want an engagement to shout about.

You may not necessarily feel confident enough to pop the question in front of a whole audience so  why not step out with a recording request played during an interval? You will need to liaise with staff and seek permission from the theatre events department prior to the night in order to do this.

Although we do not often hear of proposals like this, that does not mean it is impossible. It just takes a little planning. Be prepared to feel like a celebrity when leaving the show as many will probably offer their congratulations.

4) Romantic stroll

Whilst walking through Hyde Park last night, I thought about some of the ways people have proposed. My friend recently visited Ambleside, The Lake District, during a walk with her second love, the newest addition to the family, Alexia, a beautiful French bulldog. Her boyfriend, Tom, had tied Emily’s engagement ring to Alexia’s collar and when he went to pick her up, he was left facing Emily on one bended knee. Of course, she said yes.

Speaking to Emily last night gave me the inspiration to write this blog today.

However you decide to pop the big question, we wish you all the very best of luck and look forward to hearing from you regarding your wedding journey once they’ve said yes!