The fairy tale of Seventy Eight Bishopsgate


Written by Jennifer Hughes, 27.11.15

Once upon a time in the middle of a grand city stood a beautiful 14th century church, proudly holding its own nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of the towering London landscape.
Whilst around it swirls a bustling city, its enduring character is in stark contrast to the surrounding new giants who dwarf it.

This strong beacon of hope has stood her ground through the biggest tests of time; the Blitz, the Great Fire of London and an IRA bomb in the 1993 Bishopsgate bombing. Woe betide the man who stands before her!

Through sheer determination, goodwill and the love of mankind, Seventy Eight was rebuilt to her former glory and the secret garden bloomed and bloomed, revealing new miracles every morning.

In the words of Shakespeare – “Though she may be little, she is fierce!”