Venue of the Month – The River Rooms


Written by Eva Rutland, 19.09.2016

The River Rooms 

Here at The Perfect Wedding Company, we love how different every bride and groom are. My favourite part of this wonderful, crazy job is matching a couple to a venue. The fairy tale ballroom for the princess bride, the open air venue with sprawling wildflowers and buzzing bumblebees for the festival bride, converted and stripped back warehouses for the urban ‘too cool for school’ bride. The list is endless. Where though, do you put the city chic couple? The couple who are looking for an understated but elegant big day? Thanks to this month’s ‘Venue Of The Month’, this is now an easy choice. Introducing… The River Rooms at The Mermaid Centre.

Originally built and opened in 1959, The Mermaid Centre started life as The Mermaid Theatre. Indeed, it was the most recently built theatre in the city since Shakespearean times. These days The Mermaid Centre, like all truly great actresses, has reinvented herself into a stunning venue for couples to say those two most important of words in; “I do”.

With floor to ceiling windows that offer the most incredible views across the Thames, the space is as light and airy as it is impressive. You can make the panoramic vistas the star of the show and keep the decorations simplistic, or you can choose to get a little more creative and really go for a theme. Whatever you decide, the flexibility of The River Rooms is the key to turning your day into exactly that – yours. Coupled with the fact that you can have your ceremony, wedding breakfast and dancing all in the same space, this is such a joyously easy option which in no way detracts from its stylish ambience.

This venue exudes class, dignity, style and elegance (in short, all the things that I aspire to but honestly know that I can never dream of achieving!). It encapsulates ‘London cool’. So in answer to the question: where do you put the city chic couple? The couple who are looking for an understated but elegant big day? The answer is simple. The River Rooms.