Wedding fair reminiscing


Written by Helen-Louise Farnsworth, 01.12.15


While attending a recent wedding fair I found myself reminiscing about the times when I would sit down with my mum and look through her wedding album. I was fascinated as a child and still am to this day.

Over the years wedding photography has progressed into film. Fine Film highlights the reason the photo was taken, offering elegance, simplicity and perfection as this shows the natural art in moments we take for granted. A wedding album tells the story from another angle and it will never grow old as no two are the same.

A photograph can capture a moment in time beautifully and speaks a thousand words. Not one of us will look at an image in the same way, which is something I find extremely fascinating.

I have met couples who have decided against having a photographer on their wedding day. Can you imagine not having photographs to look through together and pass onto your children? A photo proves your life’s existence and can be used to relive and reminisce about a specific stage in your life whether that is immediately after your wedding or many years later.


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