Wedding food trends for 2018


For those of you planning a wedding this year and wanting to get ahead in your arrangements, I have done some key research for you on the subject of 2018 wedding trends for food. Ideas that are innovative and original will play a prime role in shaping the look and feel of 2018 weddings at Penshurst place and all over the world.

Getting closer to nature

More and more people are seeking weddings in an outdoor setting or a venue with beautiful natural surroundings. Penshurst is a prime example of a perfect venue for this. Bordered by many gardens and stunning fountains it gives the feel of a royal wedding all year round.


With this theme in mind, people are often bringing ‘the outdoor in’ with beautiful flower centrepieces and greenery on the tables and chairs, so why not bring this to your food as well?

Penshurst Place prize themselves on using local produce to make their food outstanding. Fruit and vegetables grown locally with vibrant colours add a personal feel to your food as you know where it has come from. Provenance is key.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate nature with your food, from simply using flowers as a garnish on your drinks or desserts to even trend-setting by making your food resemble an outdoor setting or flower.

Not only is being close to nature becoming more and more popular, but also people having more love and care for the environment; whether this is ordering only Fairtrade flowers and produce, creating environmentally friendly wedding favours, booking venues like Penshurst Place which works very closely with a charity (Crown Foundation) or using Penshurst suppliers who have a strict approach to ethical sourcing, minimising waste and recycling.

Getting Personal

It is very important that your wedding day resembles you both as a couple, from your own personal tastes and loves to also your family’s background and culture. Often food gets overlooked as a way in which you can share your influences and story as a couple to your guests.

Penshurst Place has recently teamed up with Maaza to help make a couple’s dreams come true with regards to Asian and ‘fusion weddings.’ This not only allows people to express their love through food but also to incorporate customised elements which can bring a real wow factor to the day.

Some people have favourite foods that they want to integrate into dishes and beloved flavours that they like to stand out. Each of these elements helps to make the dishes even more special and provides the guests with another insight into your loves and passions.

Never be afraid of being adventurous! There are many personalised ways you can ask for your food to be presented, from the way it is laid out on the plates to the tables that it is placed on.

Getting Colourful

2018 is suggested to be the colour of rose gold. Metallic is very ‘in season’ and often people are incorporating this into their theming, so why not into your food?

There are many different foods and dishes out there that can be fused together to make a beautiful vibrantly coloured dish which represents your passions as a couple.




Edible glitter is on trend at the moment and this can easily be fused into your dishes, whether that is a main or dessert dish. Little extras like this help give your dinner the wow factor and really impress your guests.

Getting colourful can also mean getting bold. Don’t be afraid from moving away from the traditional wedding dishes and being bold with your ingredients!

Going Vegan

In 2017 60,000 people pledged to go vegan for the entire month of January – and possibly beyond. It was a record number of signs-ups, growing 260% on the previous year. Just because you have vegan guests does not mean boring, plain dishes. Many ingredients and flavours can be used to make the dishes exciting and trend-setting. Even simple changes like requesting sweet potato instead of normal potato can bring some life to your dish.

The above ideas are just some ways in which you can make your day that bit more personal, memorable and original.

Make your wedding trendy in 2018!

Penshurst Place is the perfect venue to incorporate all of the above and much more.

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