What a difference a table cloth can make…..


In the beginning stages of planning a wedding it becomes apparent with certain clients, if they have a budget set aside for decoration or if they would be inclined to spend some money on upgrades. I don’t suppose many brides give much thought to the type or colour of linen they may want on their tables? Nearly nine times out of ten couples are satisfied with packaged price linen, crisp white linen or even an ivory choice if the venue or supplier includes it.

I am forever blown away by how impressive the choice and quality of what the market has to offer when it comes to linen. The first thing I did when I started my journey with The Perfect Wedding Company, was to make sure we had a great linen sample book, so all of our clients had choice and a good choice at that!

When I stepped into Wrest Park’s listed greenhouse as part of the English Heritage collection, last Friday for Phillip and Rowan’s wedding, I was refreshingly pleased with their choice of a pale blue cloth for all of their wedding breakfast tables, tying in their colour scheme and décor choices perfectly. In my head I was screaming with excitement and desperate to shout to the world of this option.

In my mind I was thinking, could it be that couples don’t have access to options or choice. Could it be that their event organisers aren’t encouraging them enough to look into other colours? Could it be that the couple themselves aren’t brave enough to choose something they haven’t seen at any other friend’s wedding? It probably is all of the above, but when I show you some of the collections we have used in the past and especially Rowan and Phillips’ light blue cloth, it may just change your one track mind.

I said it was good! So next time you sit down to decide on what it is you visually want to see on your tables, think about the colour scheming and what linen can do for you.