Why choose a wedding planner?


With The Perfect Wedding Company in full swing in London and beyond, we’ve recently expanded our services to Essex, as we all know how much us Essex lot love a wedding!

Everyone knows that planning your big day can be stressful, but for most people it’s a case of “where do I start?”.

So, he’s finally listened to / noticed your hints and you’ve had the long awaited proposal (and he didn’t mess it up!). You’ve got the engagement ring of your dreams. So now what?

With all of those Essex wedding venues, dresses, flower arrangements, accommodation, travel arrangements, registrar bookings and wedding license organisation staring you in the face, where do you start? Or where do you stop? Let’s not forget dining, colour schemes, centre pieces and furniture! What about the DJ and entertainment, and not to forget finding somewhere your 90 year old grandparents would be able to even make it up the stairs!

It’s all so daunting. We know you have your family and friends rallying around you, offering their words of wisdom and invaluable help, but we all have that one friend who thinks it’s their wedding and gets a little too carried away. Or that bridesmaid who is responsible for one job and completely forgets (there goes those save the date card you wanted!).

Do you really want the stress of doing everything yourself, or should you get someone to arrange it all for you and take away the stress? If you’re a total control freak like me, you would want to do it all yourself, but then there’s that small detail of having a full-time job you go to Monday – Friday, so where do you actually find the time to do all of this wedding planning?

Enter, the wedding planner! They know all about those amazing hidden gem venues that no-one else knows about. They make it their business to know the best places to get the highest quality flowers – whether they’re real or artificial. They know exactly where to source wedding cars or the iconic Routemaster buses. They know who the best DJs and who are the cheesy ones are, and of course let’s not forget about the most important part; the best caterers!

A perfect wedding planner knows what to do with those fussy guests, those grumpy relatives and those delightful people at the wedding who never like the menu! They are your wedding personal assistant, who will make your wishes come true down to the tiniest detail; whether that be décor, catering, venue-finding or entertainment!

So I guess the question should be, why you wouldn’t use a wedding planner?! Especially when it’s free!

Get in touch with the best in the business; The Perfect Wedding Company Essex, to make your dream a reality!

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